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Cold Weather Care

It’s time to make sure our pets are nice and warm…

Brrrr! As the temperature drops a tad closer to zero, let's look at how to keep our furry friends nice and warm...

Winter coat

Treat your dog to a lovely warm coat for the winter – they’ll appreciate it, especially if they have thin fur!

whippet in winter coat


Make sure your pet has somewhere warm and dry to retreat to, especially cats who’re still out exploring.

Check under your car

Cats like to shelter under the bonnets of cars so before driving away in the morning, have a thorough check under your bonnet for sleeping kitties.

Be cautious around antifreeze

Cats and dogs love the taste of antifreeze – but it is highly dangerous to them. Be sure to handle it carefully and store it somewhere that your pet doesn’t have access to. If your pet does ingest any antifreeze, contact us or your emergency care provider immediately.

Warm hutches

Rabbits and guinea pigs lose heat very quickly. Make sure their hutch is nice and warm, well insulated, damp- and draft-free. Try insulating their water bottles with bubble wrap to prevent them from freezing and if the weather is really cold, bring the hutch inside where it’s warm.

Protect your dog’s paws

After a walk, wash and dry your dog’s paws thoroughly to get rid of grit from the roads or snow that may have compacted between their toes.

Avoid ice

If you’re heading out and there’s frost and ice lurking, be sure to avoid it. There’s nothing worse than slipping and breaking a bone!

Cold cars are dangerous too

It’s not suitable to leave your dog alone in the car – regardless of the time of year.

Daylight is key, but watch out anyway

If you can walk your dog during the daytime, great! If not, be extra vigilant in the dark. Make sure your dog is well-trained with coming back to you and consider getting them some fluorescent clothing too.

cat on blanket

Stay active

If your walks are shorter (and they normally are when it’s cold), try to make up for it with added playtime at home! Remember to mind your pet’s calorie intake too.

For more help or advice on keeping your pet safe and cosy this winter, contact us today.